AIR:”The first show in my blog series on Kyoto Animation.”

Recently Kyoto Animation is a company that has made itself known as a company that delivers high quality shows in reference to animation and by many people all around just plain good shows to watch.  So starting today I will be talking about the shows that Kyoto animation has produced and discussing what I like about each show and which ones are my favorite.  I’m sure every anime fan as of late has seen at least one show that has been produced by Kyoto Animation.  If not then you must be one of those anime fans that only watch Bleach and or Naruto.

The first show I will be talking about is AIR, which is an adaption of Key’s visual novel.  I really enjoyed this show it was a slow paced heartwarming show that was very peaceful.  It’s about a young man named Yukito  who is seeking a girl with wings who flies in the sky, who he heard of from a story his mother told him.  He meets a girl named Misuzu who seems very cheerful and friendly and has her own special word she says, “Gao.”  (This just screams moe and it adds to how awesome she is)  Yukito decides to stay with her and her aunt, which starts the events that will later be played out in AIR.  The show has soft colors and the OP really helps one achieve the feel of the show during each episode.  The show just really are cheering for both characters as they have their own journeys and goals.  The two main characters are really some of the most likable characters in anime.

This anime is not for everyone. (Please note for Naruto and Bleach only anime fans)  Many will not like the pace that the show moves at.  However, if you can enjoy the slower pace then you are in for a show that has its emotional points that will more than likely have you trying not to get teary eyed.  Like I said earlier the OP to the show really sets the mind of the viewer into the feeling of the show.  While at the beginning it looks like everything is perfectly fine except for the protagonist searching for the girl with wings.  We soon learn that not everything is as happy as it seems.  The viewer finds out that Misuzu has a mysterious condition that keeps her from making any close friends.  You also learn she has dreams of flying high in the sky each night.

It's Misuzu, she says "Gao".

It's Misuzu, she says "Gao."

Her problems will either have the viewer sympathizing for her, or just make the audience shrug since there is no real explanation for her condition except she’s always been like that.  Although you will find out the reason for her condition later.  You learn also of other conditions involving the other girls that the main character meets.   By many this is considered a harem show because it involves a main male character and female characters who are seemingly attracted to him just being a nice guy.  Also the fact that it is based off of a Key visual novel helps solidify that assumption.  However, I don’t really see it a harem the main guy just helps out the girls, and the girls really don’t seem to be hoping for a shot to be with him forever in harem terms.

Like I said earlier I believe this show is wonderful however, the one problem I do have with it is the way it is told near the ending.  The main character dissappers and it goes into fairly long flashback spanning a couple of episodes.  Although the information contained here really makes you understand the whole “girl with wings” content, the part after the flashback throws the whole flow off.  The main character is missing and seems to have taken the form of a bird.  It is rather odd not to have the main male charcter there.  You find out though those dreams are slowly taking their toll on Misuzu and her final dream of flying will kill her in her sleep, as she wakes up in pain many mornings.

The mysterious dissappearance of the male character is not an all bad thing though because it really allows the relationship between Misuzu and her aunt, Haruko Kamio, to come alive.  The viewer sees how the feelings of Haruko really change for her niece as she helps her fight against her illness.  You really see the bond formed by the two and the emotional moments that the two share near the end of the show.  The last scene of AIR between Misuzu and Haruko is one of the greatest scenes in anime in my opinion.

Photo from one of the greatest scenes ever

Photo from one of the greatest scenes ever.

In closing thoughts I strongly believe that if you haven’t yet you should really watch AIR.  The flaws with plot holes and broken story telling are really overshadowed by the animation and the emotional scenes in AIR.  I believe this is a show that will have you cheering for both characters the enitre time.  This wraps up my post on AIR.  Tomorrow my next post will continue the with the blog series on shows of Kyoto Animation with one of the most popular shows in very recent anime history The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. So be sure to read tomorrow or “HEADS WILL ROLL!!”

Read tomorrow or "HEADS WILL ROLL!!"

Read tomorrow or HEADS WILL ROLL!!"

8 thoughts on “AIR:”The first show in my blog series on Kyoto Animation.”

  1. Air was my least favourite Kyoto Animation series, but considering I love basically everything Kyoto Animation makes, I still think of it very highly.
    I think the reasons to why I didn’t enjoy it as much as the others was because it got confusing at one point, like you mentioned, after the arc about the origin of the wings and we get back to reality, everything is different; people are birds while others are dying… Though, I think this is the type of series you would have to re-watch only because you can pay attention more to details considering you already know how it turns out.
    Air still manages to make me bawl my eyes out though, which is a plus, I guess?

  2. @ 7- Yes, you should definitely check it out but I understand because I think you’re in college so days are busy

    @ lostty- Yeah it is probably my least favorite series but like you I still really enjoyed it but yes the random event that happened at the end kind of threw the flow of the show off quite a bit

  3. Air is probably my least favorite KyoAni series too. For the confusion. And also, even though it makes me cry my eyes out every time I watch it, it just makes me feel kind of crappy instead of touched.

    I blame that on the confusion too. If at a certain point things hadn’t become so, “…wha?” I might have been able to see the “good” ending some others did. But eh. It’s still a great anime.

  4. i’d say that this is my favorite among Key’s works. it’s shorter and has justified its maternal genre. Air is not your usual romance, drama and comedy anime. what made me like it best among other Key anime is that the relationship between parents and children are shown with deep sense. i know Clannad targetted this point; however, in my humble opinion, it lacked the emotional sense. the emotional scenes didn’t successfully catch my attention. so, for me, Air is still the best among Key productions. 🙂

  5. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

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