Hectic Harems: “Because A House With Five Girls And One Guy Is Normal.”

Tonight I talk about one of the more recent staple genres in the industry.  The Harem anime where one seemingly normal high school male is the center of affection from at least five main attractive women.  This one genre is responsible for more eye rolls by women viewers, and probably more male viewers watch them than what would probably admit in forums.  It is called the male fantasy of anime, and the word fantasy could probably not describe a genre better because they possibly could not be anything  but fantasy.  I’m going to look at several harem anime problems f and discuss why this is something of pure fantasy.

I have seen quite a few harem shows since I started watching anime, because I think the genre is hilarious and I find it to be somewhat intriguing to find out what antics they throw out to us next.  Although how popular they are is somewhat disturbing due to the frequency they release them.  Although half of the time I find I’m telling myself “yeah right…” to half of the details that lay the possibility of having five girls always surrounding one guy.

Kaede and Rin cooking. Her dad's on a one year business trip

Kaede and Rin cooking. Her dad is on year long business trip

6. The first detail is the mysterious absence of parents at all times.  Now let me get this out of the way because I know their are exceptions like the Key Animation shows like Kanon, AIR TV and Clannad but nearly all of the shows the main guy and girl character have no parents at all.  Now some shows go about by explaining like some tragic accident, a year long business trip or something of the sort.  No parents at all and you have a girl living with you because she doesn’t have parents either.

5. The next one is one of my favorites.  The main character has always been living with a younger (or portrayed as younger) sister who is not really his sister at all because she’s not blood related however they have been together for the past ten years, and they even see each other as siblings….until those hormones start flowing. (Da Capo Anyone?)

4. Next the girl who seems to be the “main” girl of the series always has had some tragic event happen to her in her past usually dealing with the main male character.  She’s like a Martha Stewart that is always happy and cheerful and willing to do anything, but four years ago there was a fire and her house and family perished, or a car accident, or she was really sick at one time and almost died.

3.  The mysterious ability of having all finances paid.  These high school kids attend school, don’t work and somehow they are able always have money for meals that usually include ALL FIVE girls, field trips to the beach, camping, etc.  Where do they get their money from? I want to know.

2. The girls seem to get along just fine while all five are rabidly competing over a the same guy.  They all want him they all know that and somehow instead of one knifing the other they all get along and understand that they all love him and each girl should get their own chance without interference from the others.  Yeah right like they won’t get jealous of each other.

1. The main one and is often the whole reason why the harem genre is considered to be the favorite anime series of “That Guy” you know the stereotypical guy that everyone believes watches anime, greasy long hair, glasses, overweight, bad hygiene, no social skills etc. is the the horde of five teen beauties flocking over a normal guy for no reason except maybe he’s nice.  The most hilarious being all the girls would rather be single if they couldn’t go out with the main character.

Yes I know it was six reasons which is odd number but I figured it was okay.  What do you guys think of the harem genre useless genre full of fanservice, genre that has had some funny shows but is growing stale? Let me know

7 thoughts on “Hectic Harems: “Because A House With Five Girls And One Guy Is Normal.”

  1. Yahta! I got a new blog friend! Good post too! I did a post like this, but it was on reverse harem instead of harem. It wasn’t quite as funny either. And you addressed every issue that always bother me about harem! Seriously, there are almost NEVER parents and apparently money grows on trees in Japan cause I can’t think of how else they’re getting it.

    And why do all the girls get along? The only one I ever saw where they didn’t was School Days, and that anime was just ridiculous. (No one would fall in love with that guy) And why does the main girl ALWAYS have a bad past? Fires, Suicide, Murder, Car accidents, Comas…Seriously? WTF?! Cause that’s normal for all girls nowadays! 😛

    And I always get annoyed when they’re like…”This is my little sister…well, not by blood…but you get the point…?” *Head Desk* How many times can one person watch the same plot over and over?

    I’ve done it at least 20 times! *Head Desk* Lol! But all of these quirks are what makes harem, harem and gives it it’s charm! 😛

  2. Haha yeah they were just some things, some were bigger than others, that always stuck out to me about harem anime….yeah I watched school days it’s a good show. However, I hated the main character so much that I will more than likely never watch it again

  3. I admit to liking harem shows despite being a girl. I too would like a moe little Japanese school girl cooking me delicious food. But just for the cooking…and nothing else.

    But number 6 isn’t just harem anime. Ah, the amount of anime where parents are just conveniently missing. Or a character just has one parent and it’s never explained what happened to the other. I mean…you’d think it would get a teensy little mention.

    And lol number 5. How many times have I watched an anime where a girl comes in, calls her brother onii-chan, and I get to go, “They’re not really related” before the protagonist says, “this is my little sister, but we’re not really related.” lol.

    But anyway, long story short, harems are definitely getting stale (except Kyo-Ani’s adaptation of Key games, I never get tired of those).

  4. @ FuyuMaiden- I really don’t mind harem the outlandish remarks and setups in them are hilarious. Yeah I realize that nearly every anime seems to be missing parents, but to me it really stuck out in harem anime because no parents and you’re living with a girl who is not really related to you.

    Yes you ma’am are correct it is impossible to get tired of Clannad, Kanon and AIR TV, are just amazing…can’t wait for Clannad After Story

  5. I hate number 5 the most…especially when the male leads ends up with her! If anything, they should be the least compatible couple…but I guess the otaku like that little sister you can do anything to because…well, she’s not your REAL sister. >_>

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