Unfinished Anime: “Because we all like getting half of the story.”

Kanu Unchou from Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny

Kanu Unchou from Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny

I was commenting on Amayalee’s blog a few minutes ago on an article of the top 5 coolest women of anime with her choice being Lucy/Nyu as number one.  Elfen Lied is my favorite anime and I loved Lucy’s character (Nyu was just plain funny and so helpless it was somewhat sad) so I began showering here with praise and gave her remarks of my approval.  The only character (in my opinion) who is as awesome as Lucy is Kanu-Unchou from the three seasons of Ikkitousen.

Lucy from Elfen Lied

Lucy from Elfen Lied

However since I was thinking of Elfen Lied it made me think about another subject in anime that drives me crazy and irritates me.  Whenever an anime does not finish the story and just stops halfway as compared to the manga.  For example Elfen Lied the anime is only thriteen episodes and one OVA which is like episode 10.5.  I wish so badly that they would make another season of Elfen Lied which would finish up the manga.  However, I strongly doubt that’s going to happen anytime soon, but you have no idea how happy I would be if a company in Japan decided to go on the endeavor of animating the rest of the manga.

The other example is the anime Tejho Tenge.  I thought the anime had great potential however, it was ruined by having an anime series with 24 total episodes and having at least ten of those episodes being about a flashback.  Now don’t get me wrong I understand the importance of backstory which helps reveal pasts and explains the circumstances of the current setting.  However, whenever there are around six straight episodes about a flashback it gets a little old. If you think about it that is a month and a half of not seeing the current characters. After the six episode flashback we get two episodes of current events progressing the story then we are plunged back into flashbacks.  I put up with it because I wanted to see the awesome fight tournament.

Big problem, it NEVER played the tournament, even with two OVA episodes.  I was so angry.  One of the last statements the main antagonist makes near the end is “We’ll finish this in the finals.” Finals referring to the tournament that never happens.  Then I realize that the story continues on in the manga.  I found the manga do be a thousand times better than the anime, and so did about everyone else.

These are series I can think of off the top of my head and I’m sure everyone can think of a series they enjoyed that does’t get finished in the anime but the story continues on in the manga.  Now I know ratings have something to do with the show continuing series, but unfinished stories just annoy me to no end.

6 thoughts on “Unfinished Anime: “Because we all like getting half of the story.”

  1. Ah, How I will forever love Lucy. I watched Tenjho Tenge too, and it was really good at first, but then that flashback started and my love for the anime dropped immensely. No one wants to watch a flashback that long.

  2. Oh god Tenjo Tenge flashback. I stopped watching the series so many times during that flashback and then I just went, “This sucks!” and dropped it because I was all pissed off about it.

    I was going to check out the manga just to get everything all finished, but it was licensed by a certain company I’m holding a grudge against and that series isn’t the sort of thing I could read online.

    But yeah…the whole not-finishing thing pisses me off too. I’m a manga-reader, so I usually don’t mind that much, but when the series wastes time in a bunch of episodes before that (like Tenjo Tenge’s flashback and just some plain bad time-management in SA), it pisses me off.

  3. @ FuyuMaiden- I’m currently reading the Special A manga (I love it) but yeah the show seems a little rushed I haven’t watched the last two episodes yet but I will soon….and compared to the manga the anime doesn’t quite match it..Yeah if you can read Tenjho Tenge the manga is way better than the awful anime adaption

  4. just to get this straight for everyone who might googled for a second season of tenjo tenge:

    it’s commonly known that the asian market for anime and mangas is strongly looking at the profits.
    many good, and i mean REALLY good, series have been cancelled because they didn’t sold much as expected. it’s a hard job animating and even writing mangas, so you better stop complaining and be grateful it came so far.
    sure it sucks that the company didn’t care for the real fans and abondoned the animes in the middle of everything but you have to deal with those kinda events. it happened a lot earlier in the days when japanese animations went global. many corporations went bankrupt because they couldn’t make the jump to the world stage.
    business is business, even in the entertainment branch. maybe if you BUY the mangas or animes, they will reconsider it.
    but as long you keep complaining, nothing will happen.
    though there is always the chance tenjo tenge is gonna be revived because the manga is still ongoing. so be a little bit more supportive for the series you want to continue.
    and about those flashbacks, try to imagine what nonsense the anime would make if they just went on with the “real time” storyline. those flashback episodes are needed for the viewer to understand the whole series(as you probably read the manga).
    maybe in around 1-3 years there are gonna be sequels, but don’t get your hopes up high unless you DO something about it.

    So long

  5. I have watched death note, and elfin lied recently. I find them both equal to each other because I like elfin lied’s story better, but I like the longness of death note more. Maybe, if elfen lied was longer, it could be my favorite anime…

    “Nyu Nyu”

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